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  1. Electrolytic Manganese metal with Mn 99.7% min and
  2. Manganese metal lumps with Mn 95% min.
  3. Silicon metal 553/441/3303/2202 or any specific grade required
  4. Cobalt Metal 99.3%,99.6%,99.8%
  5. Magnesium Metal 99.9% of Chinese origin
  6. Bismuth Metal 99.9% of Chinese origin
  7. Calcium Silicide of various grades packed in 1Mt Big Bags
  8. Low Carbon Ferro Chrome :
    Cr 65% min.,C-0.03%, 0.05% , 0.10%,0.15% Size 10-50mm Loose Bulk in container or in big bags as required.
  9. Ferro Molybdenum
    Mo 60% or 65% size 10-50mm packed in drums on pallets or big bags.
  10. Roasted Molybdenum concentrates with Mo 57%, packed in drums on pallets or big bags.
  11. Ferro Titanium 70% with Ti 68-75%,packed in drums.
  12. Ferro Silicon with Si 65% min, Si 70% min, Si 73% min and Si 75% min.
  13. Ferro Vanadium with V 75-85%,
  14. Ferro Boron with B 14% min and B 18% min.
  15. Ferro Phosphorus with P 23% min and P 25% min.
  16. Aluminothermic Chromium metal of Russian Origin
  17. Selenium Metal Powder 99.5%, 99.9% of various origins
  18. Nickel 4x4 and UNCUT of Russian / Brazilian origin

Ammonium Chloride
Ammonium Bicarbonate
Arsenic Trioxide
Antimony Trioxide
Citric Acid
Crude Iodine
Phosphoric Acid
Sodium Bicarbonate
Soda Ash Light/Dense
Sodium Sulphate Anhydrous
Sodium Tripoly Phosphate
Sodium Hexameta Phosphate

Refractory Raw Materials
DBM (AllGrades)
FM (All Grades)
Bauxite (Round,Rotary,Shaft)
Flouspar (Met,Acid)

Other Products
Met Coke
Paraffin Wax (Refined and semi refined)